Our Recent Projects

A majority of our projects are protected by strict NDA's, so we can offer only a broad overview of projects we have recently developed.

Commercial Solar

Project Overview

Completed a feasibility study deploying solar on commercial rooftops and energy management technology for a client with a portfolio of sites throughout Australia.

Determined the benefit of Solar and energy management technology on commercial premises is a balancing act between, energy production, load profile, existing electricity contract and availability of capital and debt.

The work for each site involved determining the:

  • roof design and strength
  • roof orientation and size
  • load profile of the site
  • high level energy audit involving asset logging

Our investigation quantified the energy expected from each site and how this translated into revenue through cost savings, we applied a filter which targeted action at a select number of sites.

We identified around $15 Million dollars of increased profits though key solar deployments and technology upgrades. Our client is using this study to determine its procurement strategy.

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